Friday, March 22, 2013

Amerson Undie

This was my first time sewing underwear. I used Maddie's Amerson pattern (which I drew the cover for!). Making this pair came very spontaneously. You see, I printed the pattern as soon as Maddie sent it to me, right before the release. I kept it in my Projects binder for a while, until the time came for me to piece it together and make it. Monday morning I woke up and there was something in the air. I knew it was time to crack open this pattern.

Possibly, the reason why it felt like the perfect day to make these was due to the fact that I had found a small scrap of this beautiful fabric the night before. It was left over from a quilted pencil case that I made for my sister once upon a time (which is still being used after four years!). The piece of fabric was small and I remember questioning whether I should save it. But, being the hoarder that I am and loving how light weight, soft and pretty it was, I couldn't get rid of it. It ended up being perfect for this. It also helped a lot that the pattern had side seams. I wouldn't have had enough fabric otherwise. This goes to show that you can always fashion something out of the most random scraps - but don't tell me that or I'll use it as an excuse to hoard just about anything. 

I must confess that I fell victim to the age old practice of rushing things, which I am sure most of us seamstresses have done at some point. I had to be out the door in 20 minutes so I quickly ran my pieces through the machine thinking "Easy, breezy. I'll be done with time to spare.", only to realize that I had sewn the wrong sides together. I'm usually not one to rush projects. I pay attention to every detail and focus like a hawk on what I am doing. Straying away from that habit this time taught me a lesson. Don't rush things, Anto! After I was back from signing up to my classes I took it apart and reassessed. 

Years ago I would have been so discouraged and frustrated by having to take apart something I've made. But I can honestly say that my reaction to it this time was surprisingly good. I was even thankful about getting the chance to give it another try. This change of heart was thanks to a few posts I've read about this subject on various blogs and recent talks with both Maddie and Sallie about taking your time to get things right and making the most out of projects by turning them into learning experiences.

Being that it was such a spur-of-the-moment type of project, I didn't have time to get any supplies. I made it with all of the bits and pieces that I already had from previous projects, including the white elastic that was too contrasting to sew on the outside. It was well past 9 pm, so a run to the store for black elastic was completely out of the question. Instead, I opted to place the one that I already had on the inside.


I love the fit and they are super comfy. I could not be happier with my first pair and hopefully there will be a lot more underwear sewing to come in the future. 


sallieforrer said...

These turned out gorgeous! I love love LOVE the fabric, so perfect for the Amerson! And I think your sewing of the elastic on the inside is a genius save. Well done!

Megan Likes Books said...

Those are really adorable, I'm glad you were able to get them right and I really love the print! I may need to make some of these!

Maddie Flanigan said...

I'm just getting back into the blogging world after my trip to Florida and what a coincidence I came across this post. Meant to be? I love the fact that you used fabric scraps to make your first pair of undies. Good seamstress! And putting the elastic on the interior just goes to show that even the simplest pattern can be mixed up in certain ways.

Leilani Shimoda said...

you've inspired me to do it! thank you :)

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